“Public Relations gives people a voice in decisions that affect their lives”
Pat Jackson

Patrick Jackson was one of the 20th Century's most widely known and respected public relations practitioners.

Often called the "public relations counselor's counsel," he was committed to teaching other practitioners about the direction the profession was going and the strategy, techniques and philosophy needed to get there.

His lasting contribution to the profession was educating and persuading generations of practitioners that:

  • The profession is central to making a democracy work effectively
  • Stakeholder's behaviors are the goal rather than awareness
  • The underlying body of knowledge of the profession is based in both the behavioral and communication sciences,
  • Public relations practice should be, first and foremost,  strategic

He spoke at seminars in 48 states and seven Canadian provinces – over 4000 speaking engagements in his 50+ years of practice. He was most satisfied when he was among his colleagues teaching, talking and learning.